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Scented Tattoos


Scented Tattoos

Getting a tattoo has never smelled so lovely; body artists have taken getting a temporary tattoo to a whole new level.

We all have those distant memories of when we were young obsessed with applying temporary tattoos that needed water and vigorously rubbing at our skin to make sure the whole image had transferred and you weren’t left with a creepy distorted fish or something more sinister.

A positive note is these fresh smelling floral and herbal tattoos aren’t going to leave you smelling like a grocery store, no. A New York based company called Tattly are the reason we can all go around smelling like a flower garden.

Vincent Jeannerot, an artist for the company is the artistic brains behind these gorgeous floral designs that come with their own individual scent.

Some of the gorgeous designs you can have include; roses, hydrangeas and a perfect pink peony, you can have as many flowers as you like and even throw in a few herb scents.

If you have more of a sweet tooth and flowers are not your cup of tea don’t worry Tattly also offer a range of sweet treats you can buy.

Written by Eleanor Anderson


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