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‘REBEL’ BET’s original bad-ass drama


‘REBEL’ BET’s original bad-ass drama


Brave, Ambitious and Determined by all means isn’t a bad thing but REBEL is all the above and a whole lot more. Brought to us by BET Networks this original ‘bad-ass’ drama is set to impress all who endure.

Based on a narrative that focuses on the poor relations between the black community and the police – we see REBEL witness the murder of her own brother by fellow officers.

In defence of her oath to ‘protect the public’, REBEL is left conflicted as her partner shoots at her ‘unarmed’ brother in a turn of events that lead to a point where loyalty, grief and morality meet.

Sticking to her guns, literally REBEL takes no prisioners as she’s put under investigation – she uses that #BlackGirlMagic and does what every Queen unconsciously does and keeps it moving swiftly but not so sweet; as she uncovers a murder and terrorist plot moonlighting as a private investigator.

Episode one, if anything to go by is an experience that will have you clenching your seat, shedding a tear and wanting more.

Moreso, this series represents every type of woman – REBEL shows you that when given lemons you must make lemonade, lemon tart, lemon sorbet and everything else you possibly can; it’s a must see.

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Words: @TherryiJay








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