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Pomona’s Review

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Pomona’s Review



Address: 47 Hereford Road, W2 5AH
Tw: @pomonaslondon

Cuisine: Fusion 


We visited Pomona’s for dinner and were excited to try a few different things on their interesting menu.

For starters we tried the steak tartare with shredded kimchi and celery sprouts on lardo toast, fish tacos and shredded Brussel sprouts with spenwood and hazelnuts. I admit we were sceptical about the Brussel sprouts, as they have a strange taste, but Pomona’s twist on this particular starter was exquisite, by far our favourite of the three – you must try this!

Onto the mains and we went for the ginger pig hanger steak with charred endive and horseradish gremolata. The steak was succulent and mixed together with a side of grilled corn brought together some great flavours.

Grilled corn, queso fresco, cilantro

For dessert we had the caramelized croissant and prune pie with crème anglaise. This was more like bread and butter pudding and probably the least interesting dish of the evening.

Caramelized croissant and prune pie, crème anglaise


The menu is inventive and has some very nice touches to it. The decor is colourful and gives you major beach vibes. When the lights are low, the bright colours still shine through. The downside is that it’s quite hidden.

It’s hard to define what type of eatery this is, as we saw a mixture of couples and groups of friends, but needless to say Pomona’s offers a unique dining experience in a calm and relaxing environment – we look forward to returning.

Overall Rating ★★★★

Words by: Toni Amporful

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