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Perfect Puds

Gluten free, dairy free and still completely delicious. Introducing Pudology a luxurious dessert range which are free from gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts.

How do they taste so delicious? The use of Brazilian orange oil, Madagascan vanilla extract and rich Belgian chocolate.

We tried three lovely flavours, all of which are available to buy in Sainsbury’s and have to admit, they went down a hit with the team.

Deeply Decadent Chocolate Pud

This dessert truly lived up the its name, it was incredibly decadent and the flavours were rich and deep. However, the dessert was so rich it needed to be eaten slowly and with some water to wash it down. The thickness of the pud means it’s able to be packed with real chocolate, and the portion size means it’s not overwhelming and perfect to enjoy in the evening.

Simply Sumptuous Millionaire’s Pud

A three layered heavenly desert packed with flavour and different textures. Unlike the other two puds, this was a desert option had three layers, a biscuit base topped with gooey caramel and a thick chocolate topping. The chocolate on top was similar flavoured to the Deeply Decadent pud, but the other layers worked well with it to give you a popular shortbread option in a desert.

Smooth Chocolate Orange Pud

Chocolate orange has always been a winning flavour and this pudding gets it just right. With a light orange flavour which hits you after you’ve taken the first bite and a smooth chocolate texture means this pud is perfect for orange chocolate lovers. It’s rich, thick and incredibly decadent.

These popular puds are available to buy in a twin pack for £2.99 RRP available to buy in Sainsbury’s and online.

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