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People are using Coca-Cola to tan


People are using Coca-Cola to tan

With the holiday season upon us, everyone is striving for that Love Island bronzed look in their swimwear! Whilst most of us would usually grab for the trusty fake tanning and mitt that has seen better days, the internet has of course brought light to a different way to tan.

Move over St Tropez, because there’s a new tanning product in town… Coca-Cola!

As crazy as this sounds, many internet users insist it works for creating a temporary (although I imagine sticky) darkening effect of the skin, and accelerates your skins tanning rate. Although this is not scientifically proven, internet users have seemed to have welcomed this fad with pale open arms.

However, before you run to the fridge to grab a can of coke to douse yourself in, you should hear the negatives. The reason the cola accelerates tanning is down to it being acidic, meaning it can remove dead skin cells and make your skin more vulnerable to being burnt.

So even though this trend is clever and definitely cheaper than your standard bottle of tanning product, it’s actually a lot stickier and dangerous, so maybe it would be better to grab yourself a cup with ice for the cola and stick with your well-loved tanning mitt or just apply sunscreen.

Written by Jodie Andrews

Edited by Jasmin Woodward

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