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National Storytelling Week comes to London


National Storytelling Week comes to London


Since a young age stories have always fuelled our lives. Be it being told through television, books or music, stories fill the world around us.

When you’re a child, these stories tend to be read to you and as you get older you read them for yourself. While the content may change, at a young age stories seem incredible, filled with imaginative worlds occupied by giants and princesses. Then as you get older these imaginary worlds are replaced by romance and documentaries.

But one thing we never saw coming was how stories would shape our news. Sometimes when you read the headlines it can feel as though you are reading a dystopian novel about how women are viewed in a totalitarian society. Unfortunately, the pinch happens and yet you are still in the same world.

This year National Storytelling Week aims to bring spoken word to London and communicate that not all stories are disastrous and some are in fact inspiring.

Spoken word events have seen a revival over the past few years, with poetry readings seeming more mainstream and reading itself being more popular.

Dawn Ellis, a storyteller who will be performing at the event explained why these storytelling festivals seem to receive more attention now. “As a performe I have always been drawn to being with an audience. The interplay between performed and audience provides one third of the performance itself and can colour each one, making each live show unique in subtle ways.”

The event will be taking place in across London and will feature storytellers as well as musicians. With some women using the opportunity to share empowering and motivating stories to uplift the society we seem to be living in.

Dawn added “there is a backlash against the s creen as the only medium for stories. Humans have an ancient need to gather together with actual real loving other humans and enjoy being entertained by song and story. The vibe and atmosphere and sense of being connected in an audience is not replicable with TVs and the short-term pleasure of watching something on a devise, which can be ultimately isolating.”

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