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Movie Monday: Unforgettable


Movie Monday: Unforgettable

This week’s #MovieMonday revolves around something many of us may have or may have been – the psycho ex. Let’s see what the critics are saying and whether it’s worth a watch.

 Amor Rating : 3.5/5

The Plot…

She was once the perfect wife and mother, but now she is nothing more than a divorcee turn psycho ex who will stop at nothing to get revenge.

After her ex-husband and his new beautiful fiancee, Julia, are granted custody of their daughter for two days a week, Tessa falls into a frenzy and sets out to ruin Julia’s all-so-perfect life. After all, it’s not really her life she is now living – it’s Tessa’s.

In true psycho-style, Tessa plots the ultimate downfall and even reaches out to Julia’s abusive sociopath ex who has a restraining order against him. Along with this, she  anonymously orders bouquets of flowers to Julia’s door and even creates a fake Facebook account to plant seeds of doubts in her ex-husband’s mind about Julia’s loyalty.

Sensing something isn’t quite right with Tessa, Julia tries to warn David but ends up fighting to save not only her marriage, but her life.

Our thoughts…

On paper this movie sounds like it would live up to it’s name, yet sadly, critics seem to be disagreeing.

Despite having a story line with great potential and the casting of great actors, this thriller is being described as something more of a comedy. With a slightly sloppy and somewhat unrealistic plot in places, it’s hard to think that any ex can be quite this twisted and get away with it.

Nevertheless, it’s a nice change to see Heigl in a film that’s something other than romcom and it’s interesting to see that there are some girls out there who really go to the next level with their exes.

If you’re looking to watch a film this week that will keep you entertained and offers an easy viewing with a hint of thriller tension, Unforgettable is the one to watch.

The director and cast

Director: Denise Di Novi

Cast: Katherine Heigl, Rosario Dawson and Geoff Stults

15 Cert, 1hr 40mins

The trailer

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Words: Rebecca Edwards 

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