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Movie Monday: Sleepless


Movie Monday: Sleepless

Today’s #MovieMonday looks at the crime thriller Sleepless.

Amor Rating :3/5

The Plot…

Undercover Las Vega cop Vincent Downs gets paired up with a corrupt partner and finds himself quickly tangled in a high-stakes web of internal affairs and murderous gangsters.  However, when the pair steal drugs from a crime family, Downs son is kidnapped. Downs meets Jennifer Bryant, a cop with a big goal – to take down every major criminal including the Novaks who kidnapped Downs son. Bryant and Downs work together to try and save his son and defeat his enemies.

Our thoughts…

The film is action packed, moving at a fast pace to keep the story line flowing. It benefits a lot from a star cast, with Jamie Foxx giving a convincing performance and Michelle Monaghan being a powerful female, something on the ride in the film world.

This film does give off a Taken-style vibe. With a cop having his child kidnapped and then the film revolving around him finding his child with lots of car chases and gun shots. However, this is filmed in fewer locations with most of it being shot in a fake Las Vega hotel.

Had the cast been different, the film wouldn’t of seen the same result. Many critics claim Foxx and Monaghan make the movie and without them it would just be a typical film and Las Vegas cops and drug deals. Being a short film it means the action is fast and the storyline is taunt.

The director and cast

Director: Baran Odar

Cast: Jamie Foxx, Gabrielle Union, Michelle Monaghan, T.I., Dermont Ulroney, Scoot McNairy and David Harbour.

15 cert, 1hr 35mins

The trailer

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Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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