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#MovieMonday – Lion


#MovieMonday – Lion

It’s Movie Monday, and this week’s pick is Lion.

Amor rating: 4/5

The plot

Based on the non-fiction book A Long Way Home, Lion is a biographical film following the journey of a lost boy who grows into a man desperate to find his real home.

After spending a night alone on a railway station bench in Khandwa, five-year-old Indian Saroo becomes separated from his brother and accidentally ends the day on a train travelling thousands of miles to Calcutta. With no family, friends or familiar faces to care for him, Saroo soon finds himself being placed in a local orphanage. After later being adopted and finding a new home in Australia with his adoptive family (Nicole Kidman and David Wenham), Saroo finds peace and comfort in his new life. However, despite growing into an ambitious and confident young man, Saroo becomes haunted by the memories of the home he left behind. As questions continue to form, Saroo discovers the power of Google earth and slowly his incredible journey to find his family begins.

Our thoughts…

Lion is one of the films that everyone is talking about at the moment and we totally understand why. The plot is an emotional one that is only intensified by the fact it is based on a true story and the acting is more than award worthy. Instead of becoming over dramatic and unbelievable, Lion is cleverly written and directed so that you fall in love with little Saroo from the start and only wish for a happy ending. Overall, this heartfelt film is definitely one to watch and one you’ll need the tissues for.

The trailer

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Words: Rebecca Edwards

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