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Movie Monday: Get Out


Movie Monday: Get Out


It’s Movie Monday and this week we are talking about the weirdly wonderful ‘Get Out’. Set to be a massive box office hit and one of the most twisted horrors to grace the big screens this year, this thriller is definitely one not to be missed.

Amor Rating : 5/5

The Plot…

Chris is a young African American who is about to the meet the parents. But if that wasn’t daunting enough, his girlfriend (Rose) is white and he is worried that her incredibly wealthy and liberal Mum and Dad won’t be the most welcoming.

After arriving at their lavish mansion in time for a big family get together, Chris quickly becomes the centre of attention and the victim of what is actually, very much unwanted attention.  In an effort to make him feel comfortable, every conversation is deliberately centered around the fact they are ‘totally fine’ with their interracial relationship, so much so that no-one feels at ease. To make matters worse, the whole neighbourhood is overly keen on getting to know Chris and it quickly becomes apparent the only black people insight are the two servants in the house. With their glazed over and lifeless gaze, Chris soon realises this house and neighbourhood is really not ok.

As rooms begin to fall into silent whispers and freak events become something far more sinister, it soon becomes clear what was meant to be a loving introduction is in fact one very chilling nightmare.

Our thoughts…

Using satire to address the incredibly sensitive issues surrounding ‘post-racial’ America, ‘Get Out’ is a very complex, yet very clever, horror/thriller. By merging social critiques into one hell of an entertaining and undeniably eerie movie, Peele has created a masterpiece.

This twisted horror will have you hooked within the first five minutes and on the edge of your seats in the next ten. It’s weird and wonderful storyline is so spellbinding you’ll find yourself both laughing and feeling completely freak out throughout.

If you’re wanting to watch something original and well worth your money, Get Out is the one. But we’re warning you, you’ll never want to meet the parents again.

The Cast & Director

Director: Jordan Peele

Cast: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Catherine Keener.

15 Cert, 104 mins


Have you seen it yet? Let us know your thoughts on the horror film over on Twitter @amormagazineUK

Words: Rebecca Edwards


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