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#MovieMonday – Baywatch


#MovieMonday – Baywatch

Cue the busty beach babes, the slow mo and the buff beach boys because on this #MovieMonday Baywatch is back.

Amor Rating :4/5

The Plot…

Despite being the most elite of the elite, the iconic team at Baywatch Bay is trouble. Their funding is being slashed and their latest recruit Matt, an arrogant and disgraced Olympic hero, is their only hope for bringing publicity to the beach.

While Mitch, the head lifeguard, struggles to warm to the new kid on the bay, they must put their difference asides as a large scale criminal plot endangers Baywatch and its babes. After a dead body washes up on their beach and suspicion is cast upon their new boss, the team decide to go undercover and save the Baywatch brand.

By taking matters into their own hands, Matt and Mitch are thrown into the dangerous criminal world and must work together to stop the mastermind behind this huge drug tracking operation.

Our thoughts…

Based on the original American television series, this movie seems to have everything you would expect and more.

Alongside the iconic skimpy swimsuit, sexual innuendos and oiled up beach bodies, Baywatch is full of action and comic qualities. With boats on fire, Zac Efron in drag and a whole lot more, there is plenty to keep their storyline exciting and enticing.

Ladies, the casting of Zac Efron  and Dwayne Johnson is hardly a sight for sore eyes and is potentially the single reason for why you should see this film. But looks aside, the cast and crew have managed to create a funny and easy to watch action-comedy that undoubtably will be a big hit this summer.

The director and cast

Director: Seth Gordon

Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach, Jon Bass and Ilfenesh Hadera

R cert, 1 hr 56 mins

The trailer

Will you be one of the first to see Baywatch when it hits the big screen this Thursday – 18th May? Let us know over on Twitter @amormagazineUK

Words: Rebecca Edwards 

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