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Mentor MatcHer: 1 year on


Mentor MatcHer: 1 year on


International Women’s Day marked a day of celebrations, and for Mentor MatcHer it was a large one. The company, created by Mariam Mola is aimed at helping women get into business, be it starting their first company or growing their current brand.

The event was meant to be held in the House of Commons, but was change in the morning to a new venue. Mola refused to let this last minute hiccup be a problem and mange to move the evening to Quaglino’s a large bar just off St James’ Street.

The event began with an introduction from Michelle van Vurren, founder and CEO of MVV Global. After attending the launch of Mentor MatcHer last year, she was so inspired that she quite her job at Sotheby’s International Realty and started up her own business as well as getting involved in the mentoring scheme.

Vurren explained that there are two important things in life “to change and to adapt, it’s crucial for survival. In your business you’ll have days when you want to life in your bed and not get up, that’s ok, but one day you have to just get up. You will be stronger and you will be brave. None of you are alone.”

The event was filled with inspirational speakers explaining how they got to where they are now. Francesca Gamble was one of these women, she took the jump and created Twenty-Nine London. “Have passion and that will stand the test of time. Find your outlet that welcomes you, you are your brand. Get your social media channels on point, what you do should reflect you.”

Nena Chaletzo, founder of LuxeTripper explained her start-up story and the importance of social media and marketing when building your company: “believe in what you’re doing and believe in your ideas. Make sure you love your users and your customers”.

There were many women there looking for mentors and guidance, one of these women was Sophia Jones, creator of Mastering You a company which pushes for empowerment of women. “Self-development and empowering women to be there best self, feel the push for business but don’t forget your individual self”

Memz Fofanah works with Mentor MatcHer and has been part of the programme for several months, she explained how proud she was of the company being able to pull together so many different women. “The fact she [Mariam Mola] is able to create a diverse networking event, with a very mature classy feel, it makes you feel empowered. It’s especially great for young Afro-Caribbean women, with so many in the same room. She organised an empowering event for all women, whatever level everyone can get something.”

The event closed with an awards presentation for women who had been involved in the programme, co-hosted with Nikky Odutayo from Crown Academy, a company which helps young people from the age of 4 boost confidence and improve mental health to live a better you.

Finally the event closed with Mola encouraging women to “talk to people and make it happen”.

Words: Amy Taylor

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1 Comment

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