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Maya Confident Styling & Curling Crème


Maya Confident Styling & Curling Crème


When Michelle, the owner and founder of Maya Styling & Curling Crème, approached Amor to try out her product, I totally fell in love with her story and was more than happy to trial the cream.

Michelle’s inspiration for the product came from her own experience, her difficulty in finding a hair product that wasn’t too oily, heavy or drying for both her and her daughter. Not happy with what the market had to offer, in 2011 Michelle founded Maya, named after her daughter.

The Confident Curling Crème uses a unique combination of 12 natural oils, all ethically sourced and produced. The end result to achieve beautifully healthy hair, providing the solution for dryness, ageing, split ends and frizz – for all hair types and ethnicities.

Natural Ingredients and Properties

  • Soft and conditioned curls: Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Marula Seed Oil, and Baobab Oil.
  • Strong and shiny hair: Shea Butter,Flame Tree Extract, Tomato Oil, and Carrot Oil. 
  • Anti-aging protection: Cedar Wood Bark Oil.
  • Smooth and sleek tresses: Soybean Oil, Radish Root Extract and Rice Extract.

The first thing that I noticed about the cream was the unique texture – almost springy to the touch like Marshmallow Fluff, which makes it incredibly satisfying to handle when styling. The product also smells a lot like marshmallows, it’s very sweet and subtle – good enough to eat!

Maya - Alice


There are lots of different ways that you can style your hair with Maya. Here are a few of Michelle’s recommendations:

  1. Use Maya on wet hair before blow drying.
  2. As a finishing balm after straightening my hair.
  3. You can use it as a finishing balm after straightening your hair.
  4. If you have naturally curly hair you can apply it wet hair after showering and leave it to air dry naturally or scrunch and diffuse or blowdry – if you hold the ends of your hair it stops it from frizzing.
  5. Maya can be used for styling the hair with foam rollers. These work well because there’s no heat damage.
  6. The cream can be used with heated curlers alongside straighteners and curling wands.
  7. Maya is particularly good at holding curls in as well as defining curls.
  8. The product also works as a conditioning treatment for hair. With its 12 natural oils and extracts it eliminates frizz, moisturises, conditions and detangles.

My hair is naturally wavy rather than curly, so the way I introduced Maya into my routine was to test it out on wet hair before blow drying, as a finishing balm after straightening my hair, as well as scrunching hair when blow drying for a naturally messy look. As Michelle promised, all of the methods worked! The cream left my hair feeling soft and noticeably shiny, without being sticky or greasy, whilst holding the style in my hair just the way I wanted it. I only had to use a pea sized amount of the product, so my 55ml pot should last for a while.

Maya - Misia


Michelle also recommends that in terms of styling and trends for summer, Maya can be used to hold braids in place,

‘Maya can be used when braiding hair. It holds the braids in for longer and when taken out leaves a fantastic style in the hair that is frizz free. This can also be done at night time for those ladies that do not like to have wet hair in the morning with twists, for a superb natural curl in the hair without heat’.

This summer sees beach waves trending plus mermaid waves & curls, especially with the holiday season imminent, so this is a great look to try out with the cream! I gave it a go and I’ve never come so close to perfect beachy hair! I smoothed on the cream to my hair before braiding but after showering and left them to dry naturally. The cream really works to smooth away frizz, leaving behind pristine beach waves. Tousle afterwards with a salt spray for the ultimate beach effect.

Michelle told me that with Maya she hopes to create,

‘A curl revolution in the future – a way of promoting curly haired girls to the world. Or even promoting curly hair to curly haired girls as most of them do not like their naturally curly hair and would rather spend time straightening and blow drying their beautiful curls away’.

We at Amor love what Michelle is trying to achieve. As much fun as it is to experiment with different looks, whether it be hair or make up, it’s always important to be proud of the way we look naturally. Natural beauty is something that we should all embrace in ourselves and others. 

Michelle’s achievement in creating a product for herself and others, where she saw a hole in the market is incredibly inspiring.

Check out more from Maya at:

Words by Araminta Pender

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