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Madonna adopts twin girls from Malawi


Madonna adopts twin girls from Malawi


After denying two weeks ago she went to apply to expand her brood, Madonna has been allowed to adopt four year olds Esther and Stella.

Today the High Court made a ruling that she can go ahead and adopt two children, she smiled after the result.

This is not the first time the queen of pop has adopted, Malawian children David and Mercy were an addition to her family in 2006 and 2009. This at the time caused controversy due to her power and fame, she was able to ignore laws banning non-residents adopting Malawian children.

Lourdes and Rocco are Madonna’s two other children from previous marriages, in 2006 she funded “Raising Malawi” a charity trying to reduce poverty endured by the country’s orphans.

Can Madonna adopt me…

The charity is currently funding a surgical unit for children at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Blantyre.

So the girls are sure to be well looked after! In the latest with Madonna, she is set to direct a movie called “Loved” so keep an eye out!

Words: Emily Ralston

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