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L’Oreal are releasing a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ collection and it’s magical!


L’Oreal are releasing a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ collection and it’s magical!

L’Oreal have released a Beauty and the Beast inspired cosmetics line.

The collection includes lipsticks and nail varnishes complete with limited addition packaging.

The makeup range was inspired by the upcoming live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, which will star Emma Watson as Belle.

The Disney-inspired makeup range consists of seven unique Colour Riche Lipstick shades and seven Colour Oil Enamel nail varnish colours which are based on famous characters from the movie.

Belle is represented by a classic and vibrant red lipstick and nail varnish duo.

The Beast, who will be played by Dan Stevens, has a dark brown lipstick shade which is paired with a deep blue nail varnish.

Lumiere has a matching nude lipstick and nail varnish pairing and Mrs Potts is expressed through bright pink shades.

A deep plum nail varnish and lipstick to characterise Plumette.

And of course, there is a pink rose shade lipstick and a metallic silver nail varnish for the enchanted rose.

The collection is due to be released on February 9 but according to rumour, the collection is only available on Amazon Italy, which leaves most of us without our fairy-tale ending.

However, the site does world-wide shipping which means we may be in luck for a little extra cash.

If you are lucky enough to live in Italy, the collection is available to pre-order for €109. You are also able to pre-order the lipsticks (€10) and nail varnishes (€8) individually on Amazon.

The remake of Beauty and the Beast is due to be released in the UK on March 17.

Written by Gemma Thompson

Edited by Jasmin Woodward




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