Challenge Yourself To Success

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Challenge Yourself To Success

With no doubt, we have all set ourselves new goals upon entering a new year. Call it what you will; resolution, challenge, aspirations etc. However, what plans have you put in place to ensure you actually achieve what you set out to do? What steps have you already made? What will you make of your 2013?

If you haven’t already done so, then, the first step is to decide on a few targets for the year. Let’s say, for example, your mission is to keep fit and healthy or to get that job of your dreams. Well, that is easy part. Next, decide how you can achieve this target. Think; ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘why’.

Set targets and deadlines and STICK TO THEM.

Let’s start with the ‘why’:
Kind of the most important bit. Why are doing this? So, why did you make this decision to get fit? The answer to this one is easy. Fixate the reason for this new challenge in your head so if at any point you feel demotivated, just remember why you started in the first place.

The rest is simple and falls easily into place if you keep on challenging yourself to success…

The ‘who’:
Who can help? Whether it be your best friend or a colleague; both decide upon monthly or weekly targets. For example; January – cut out all fizzy drinks and replace them with only water and / or fresh fruit juices. Then February – cut out crisps and replace them with nuts, fruits and other healthier alternatives. Next, cut out sweets… You get the gist. In terms of getting that job; who can you talk to? Who has links into that particular industry?

The ‘where’:
Where can you go for motivation? In terms of fitness; where would you work out best – home alone, with a friend, at the gym, in a dance class? In terms of getting that job; where can you look for vacancies?

Now comes the hardest bit… The ‘when’:
When is my deadline? When, when, when? Set realistic dates. There is no point telling yourself you will get an eight pack on every inch of your body down to your little toe by the end of the week, because you won’t. It takes time, determination, patience and a drive for success. For that dream job; when will you update your CV? When will you job search, how often and how long for?

Finally, ‘what’ will you do next? Remember, challenge yourself to success. Don’t be mediocre. Be bold, fearless and fabulous! Good luck Amor gang.

Written by Jan-Marie Revers ( @JammyDodgerZz)

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