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Lee Stafford Coco Loco Hair Oil Review


Lee Stafford Coco Loco Hair Oil Review

Coconut oil is certainly on trend in the beauty world at the moment. People are using it to cook, moisturise and even remove make-up! I personally love using coconot oil, however it’s become quite expensive to buy as more and more people are discovering the benefits.

Lee Stafford have developed a new hair oil ‘Coco LoCo HAir Oil’ as part of the CoCo LoCocollection and I gave it a try! It’s got the full benefits of coconut oil in one bottle.

Normally when I use hair oils on my hair, it can make it feel quite heavy and almost greasy so I was a little skeptical before trying out this one. I was really surprised at how light and soft my hair felt after using it! You only need around two pumps of the product so one bottle will last you quite a long time, depending on how much you use it.

My preference is to apply it to wet hair, as soon as it’s been washed so it really soaks in. However you can apply it on dry hair or use it as a super-hydrating overnight treatment, then wash off in the morning to give your hair that extra TLC.

It costs £7.99 for a 75ml bottle which is super affordable for the quality of product.

Lee says: ‘I’m obsessed with coconut oil and all of the health benefits that come with it. I cook with it, moisturise with it – I love it! I wanted to create a simple but super effective haircare product that solves all of your worst hair nightmares, a must-have for every dressing table and stylists’ kit.’

It adds shine and gloss to your hair which makes it look healthy and hydrated and it’s certainly a product which I will continue using in my routine.

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Written by Jasmin Woodward

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