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(Missguided, tallfaux leather mini skirt black £15 available here)

Today, I want to talk about a classic piece which you may already have hidden in your wardrobe somewhere, and if you don’t, this is a piece of clothing is well worth investing in. A leather skirt. Very classic, staple piece, which I’m sure most of us have worn at some point. Recently I feel I’m seeing women rocking leather skirts more than ever – and they all look amazing. 

They go with everything and somehow add both a sophisticated and badass feel to an outfit. Leather skirts have a powerful connotation. I see someone in a leather skirt and I automatically think these things:

1) They’re confident

2) They know how to dress well

3) They’re important and respected

4) They’re cool

5) They’re fun

6) They’re good with money

How one skirt can tell me all of these things about a woman, I am not sure, however, these are definitely things I want people to think about me. 

Leather skirts can also be worn in so many different circumstances. Leather skirts can give a real sexy vibe when paired with a lacy cami, and if you’re looking for something smart you can opt for a nice blouse to go with your skirt. A casual t-shirt can make it, well casual. You get the point, there are many ways to wear a leather skirt, and being a black classic piece, it will just go with anything.

New Look Faux Leather Pencil Midi Skirt, £22.99 (available here)

Faux leather maybe the way to go if you’re new to this trend and want to give it a go. I love this one from New Look. I think the midi length adds sophistication and makes it perfect for daytime office dress, as well for evenings cocktails.

Whistles Jessie Leather A Line Skirt, £179 (available here)

If you know you love a classic leather skirt, why not invest in one which you really love? This one from Whistles is stunning. The A-line shape will flatter anyone and keeps in line with the timeless look of the leather.

The best thing is leather skirts, is knowing you can get them out time and time again, and they will make any outfit exceptional. 

Words : Chloe Harriet

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