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Keep Skin Happy With AfterSpa


Keep Skin Happy With AfterSpa

AfterSpa is a new range of bath and body accessories that offers pampering for every skin type. They are easy to use spa-quality products which are developed to use at home.
The debut UK collection includes facial cleansing puffs and body scrubbers, along with the international bestseller, the Magic Make Up Remover. They are available in selected Boots stores and on the Boots website. 
I tried just two of the AfterSpa product range and I was seriously impressed.
The first one I tried was the Facial Micro Scrubber (£6.00) which is a small and compact facial scrubber which is ideal for a gym bag or travelling. I have very sensitive skin and the scrubber feels very soft and always leaves my face feeling fresh and exfoliated. It has a little pocket which makes it easier to hold and a suction cup so I can stick it to the bathroom so it’s always there when I need. It very quickly became part of my daily routine, I use it morning and night and after a day with a full face of makeup, it feels great.
 The second product I tried was the Cleansing Puffs (£6.00) is the scrubber to use if your skin is flaky and dry. It helped unclog my pores and make my skin feel really smooth. You can use it with water or with your usual cleanser, I personally used my daily face cleaner as I felt it made the puff softer for my skin.
The best of all, the price. It’s super affordable, cute and compact, lovely packaging as well as a high quality product and it’s certainly going to be something I use from now on.

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