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Inside BXR London


Inside BXR London

What is it? New boxing gym backed by UK heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua
Where is it? Chiltern Street

I had been keen to check out this new swanky fitness club, after seeing Blogger Sarah Ashcroft training here. It wasn’t until further research, I found out it was also Anthony Joshua’s “passion project”, allowing for people to train just like himself. I was sold!

I was fortunate enough to be invited down to check out one of their pay-to-train, Sweat By BXR classes, called “Climb to the BEAT”. The class itself is the first of it’s kind in Europe and unlike anything I’ve tried before. The class is a 45-minute cardio session using a VersaClimber – a vertical fitness machine offering a total-body workout.

I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and I can tell you now, it was not easy. You can attend this class at any fitness level, but be prepared to sweat your butt off! The class is fast-paced yet still somewhat enjoyable. The burn in your quads is all worth it, as you see the calories burning off by the minute right in front of your eyes.

The club is set over two floors. The downstairs is where the Sweat studios are located and up a floor, you’ll find the member’s only area. Access into the member’s area is all very MI5 – with the use of fingerprint scanners and sliding glass doors.

The gym area is amazing! It is ultra-modern with state of the art equipment, featuring murals of Mohammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and Joe Frazier. Of course, a boxing gym wouldn’t be complete without a boxing ring and some good old vintage punchbags. All these great features come at a knockout membership cost of £180 a month! Pay-to-train classes start from £15.

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