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Impress with Empress Mimi


Impress with Empress Mimi


When it comes to underwear we are often torn between wearing something comfy and something sexy. Most often, women tend to choose the comfy option, because who’s going to see it anyway right?

Wrong. What you wear under your clothes changes the way you feel. When you get dressed and look in the mirror in your undies it sets your mood for the whole day. Are you happy or sad with what you see?

Well, Empress Mimi want to change that. They’re the company who want to make you feel good in your undies regardless of what you look like.

The all female led company have developed a lingerie subscription service. The box ranges from £25 a month for a Mermaid subscription (3 pairs of undies) to the £70 Empress box which includes a full set of lingerie and accessories every month.

It’s not just about reminding women to love themselves and their bodies. This company also wants to encourage women to support women and get into business.

As a result, every box brought with the Amor code will see Project Girl Code receive 10% or the profits.

Project Girl Code is a charity focused on technology and getting women into the online world, breaking barriers to allow everyone to be able to run their own business.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up online for your first box today, because after all #EmpressesDoItBetter

Use code: AMORMAGAZINE15 to get 15% off your first box. Follow Empress Mimi Lingerie on Instagram.

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