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The Holy Birds Review

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The Holy Birds Review

The Holy Birds

Address: 94 Middlesex Street E1 7EZ
Tw: @theholybirds

Cuisine: Poultry 


New to the City comes this 1960s-inspired, poultry-loving restaurant.

What did we eat?  Well for starters we tried their goose and apricot terrine alongside their shirred hen egg with Beenleigh Blue and spinach. The goose terrine was our favourite, but mixed together with the shirred hen egg and it created so many robust flavours. Would definitely recommend these two starters.

Shirred hen egg, Beenleigh Blue and spinach.

Onto the mains and being a restaurant specialising in poultry, what else would we try out… We decided to go with two halves of their rotisserie chicken. One half peppercorn and citrus and the other, smoked paprika. Our favourite flavour was the smoked paprika.

We suggest you pair the chicken with the following sides – colcannon, roasted field mushroom with garlic & parsley and celeriac remoulade. We suggest the celeriac remoulade for a touch of something different, but the mushrooms and colcannon were divine. The colcannon was so creamy and is not to be missed off your order.

Peppercorn and citrus rotisserie chicken with colcannon.

Although we liked the flavouring of the smoked paprika chicken, we found the chicken to be a little undercooked and little underwhelming. The sides however made up for this part.

Paprika rotisserie chicken with roasted field mushroom with garlic & parsley.

By this point, no matter how far our waistlines have expanded, dessert is always on the cards. We ended with chocolate and sea salt baked Alaska and poached pear crumble with custard. On a cold and dreary day, with a quick spell of hailstones, baked Alaska probably isn’t the best dessert to warm you up, but mixed together with some delightful crumble, you’re in for a treat.
My personal favourite was the baked Alaska with the chocolate and sea salt centre.

Poached pear crumble with custard.


Although a little underwhelmed by the chicken, the surroundings, food and service on a whole was great. A little disappointed that they had changed the lunch menu we had viewed online.

The funky decor may not be for everyone, but we quite enjoyed the 1960s aesthetic.

Recommended spot if you love poultry or chicken in particular and want that added quirkiness to your meal.

Ideal for: Couples and friends

Overall Rating ★★★1/2

Words by: Toni Amporful

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