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Hello, Goodbye: TLC announce their comeback and farewell album will be released this year


Hello, Goodbye: TLC announce their comeback and farewell album will be released this year

It’s been over a decade since their last album, and fans all over the country have been begging for another since 2015. And it’s finally happening. TLC will be hitting radios with fresh new songs later this year.

The band announced on Monday that their new album, which will also be their last, is set to be released in June. It comes after the band launched a Kickstarter campaign two years ago to fund the album’s production.

The fundraiser received 4000 donations and raised $430,000 (£34,572), making double what they expected; a true sign of how loyal and wanting TLC fans are.

The bands manager Bill Diggins stated on the Kickstarter page that touring commitments and schedules delayed the singers from getting into the recording studio: “it took a lot more time to coordinate schedules with writers, TLC´s executive producer Ron Fair and recording sessions than anticipated”

The 90s groups comeback and farewell album is their fifth album, and their first recorded without Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes.

Diggins added that the surviving TLC singers want a record that will match up to the music they have produced before, and are determined not to let their fans down, something fans would be proud of. “Because your belief and support is the greatest form of love we want you to be proud.”

But why is this comeback so important? Well, their hit song No Scrubs embodies female empowerment and explained mansplaining before it was a common used term. The lyrics ‘no I don’t want your number, no I don’t want to give you mine’ elaborates on the everyday sexism and harassment women still experience.

Along with the announcement of the yet-to-be-titled album, the band have revealed they will be doing a one-off live show in London on May 9th, their first ever show in the UK.

Tickets for the London show are on sale now.

Words: @MaddieMilton

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