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Harry Styles: Album Review


Harry Styles: Album Review


Since One Direction split up, the boys have gone onto either going solo or having a break. Harry Styles has opted to produce so solo material with his single on April 7th. Shortly followed by the announcement of his solo self-titled album Harry Styles to be released on May 12th and its tracklist revealed.

Now here we are and that much-anticipated album has finally been released. I will be the first to say that the expectation of this album and much of the One Direction solo music has had high expectations followed by the solo material of former member Zayn. His solo album Mind of Mine really showed how different a sound he had from One Direction.

Harry Styles is the debut 10 track album from Harry Styles and like its single shows, Styles has a more old fashioned style of pop. It’s debut single Sign of the Time which was a complete departure from previous One Direction sounds, was generally met with positive reactions in terms of Style’s vocal ability and set the town for what is an album of mixed sounds with not just one cohesive style.

With the album spawning calming tracks such as Ever Since New York, Sweet Creature and From the Dining Table to more up-tempo songs like Carolina, Only Angel and the real Rock n Roll sound of Kiwi. The album, in my opinion, is trying to be a lot of things and maybe it’s just me but I feel as a debut album it’s all over the place.

While Styles may be taking this opportunity to really show his fans and critics out there his vocal abilities stretch beyond what is known of him, I almost think that if he stuck to one distinctive sound then it may have served him better.

Overall I am happy for Harry and am excited to see what else happens for him during this team. While I may not be crazy about this album there a few good songs that I will be enjoying for a while and so I’m looking forward to seeing where he goes next.

Overall, this album gets a 2/5. What do you think of it Amorelles? Let us know over on Twitter @amormagazineUK

Words: Seneo Mwamba

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