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Government reject campaign to stop employees forcing women to wear heels.


Government reject campaign to stop employees forcing women to wear heels.


The Government have rejected a ban which called for changes to law enforced dress codes in the workplace, specifically women wearing heels.

Employees can continue to demand females wear heels as long as they’re considered a requirement of their role. The dress code also states men must dress to an equivalent level of smartness.

The campaign came about after temporary receptionist Nicola Thorp was dismissed on her first day at PriceWaterHouseCooper after refusing to buy a pair of two to four inch heels to replace her flats.

Thorp launched the petition to tighten legislation on compulsory gendered uniform which achieved 152,400 signatures.

Helen Jones, the Petitions Committee chair, said “this petition, and our inquiry, have already done a great dealt to improve public awareness of the law”

Helen Jones, the Petitions Committee chair commented on how the inquiry had already done a great deal to improve public awareness of the law. “It is nevertheless very welcome that the Government has accepted our recommendation that it should be doing much more to improve understanding among employers and employees alike, to prevent discriminatory practices in the workplace.”

While the Government did acknowledge the awareness among workers and bosses of the law was patchy, some employers knowingly flout the law. However, they stated that the existing legislation was adequate and already prevented companies making gender-based discrimination.

The chair of the Women and Equalities Committee, Maria Miller said the Government had not gone far enough, adding that current equality legislation is “not sufficient to achieve equality in practice.

“We welcome the commitments made by the Government to increasing awareness of those rights, and hope that the next Government will monitor how this changes women’s experiences of the workplace.”

The Government have stated that they will be issuing new guidelines in summer to tackle this issue further.

Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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1 Comment

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