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Fire, Ice and Sheeran; what to expect from Game of Thrones


Fire, Ice and Sheeran; what to expect from Game of Thrones

You may have seen the Game of Thrones Teaser Live Facebook video air last week, which saw over 30 million fans excitedly watching a block of ice thaw to reveal the date of the next season, but what other information do we have on the next season?  And is everyone right to be getting this excited?

In short, yes. The teaser and the new poster that went with it, has, for some people, confirmed fan theories that Queen of the Dragon´s Daenerys Targaryen, of the hot south, might be making a visit to see the infamous white walkers, of the icy north.

But that´s not the only GoT news we have, British singer Ed Sheeran has announced he will be moving from dominating the charts to dominating the TV screen, as he will be making an appearance in the upcoming season which airs on 16th July this year.

Producers of the famous fantasy adventure show have revealed that the A Team singer will make a cameo appearance in the seventh season, which airs on the 16th of July this year.

Sheeran also confirmed the news, by tweeting “I guess the cats out of the bag.” It is not clear what role he will play, whether he will perform or if he will be recognisable or not.

The Got producers have wanted to get the singer on the show for a while after actress Maisie Williams, (Arya Stark) claimed she loves his music and has wanted to work with him.

Kit Harrington who plays Arya’s half brother Jon Snow has also been in the spotlight after it has been revealed he and fellow co-star Emilia Clarke are the next faces of Dolce & Gabbana’s The One line.

Harrington and Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) will appear in the new advertising campaigns from September 2017, replacing fellow actors Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johansson.

For Clarke it will be her first beauty campaign, but Harrington has a bit more experience behind him, from being the face of Jimmy Choo Fragrance in 2014.

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Words: Maddie Milton

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