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Festival Beauty Essentials


Festival Beauty Essentials


Struggling to pack lightly for festivals? We know how stressful it is to know exactly what you need to bring!

This is why we’ve helped you by selecting the top 10 beauty essentials you will need this festival season.


Dry Shampoo, Batiste, £2.99, Boots.


Sadly, at festivals it’s unlikely there will be showers where you can enjoy shampooing and conditioning your hair. Instead the go-to item you should definitely pack is this dry shampoo, it will keep your hair looking clean. Simply spray the dry shampoo at the roots and gently massage it into your hair and voila you have fresh hair.


Exfoliating Face Wipes, Simple, £1.95, Boots

These face wipes are quick and easy to use, in 5 minutes you will a fresh, clean face ready to take on another day of the festival.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, £5.69, Superdrug

Perfect for soft, silky skin. No one will notice that you’re even at the festival.


Real Techniques Mini Brush Set Trio, £9.99, Boots

You need something to blend your make up with. It’s cheap and cheerful, not to mention they are mini so they are portable.


Festival Sparkle Glitter Kit, £5.99 New Look

To get the ultimate festival experience, be sure to pack this festival beauty essential. Why not add some sparkle to your face?


NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, £6.00, Boots

They last long and are incredibly pigmented. If you’re looking for a lip cream that will keep your lips moist and looking good, then NYX are the one.


Garnier Sun Cream, £3.00, Boots

You need to protect yourself with sun cream when you’re going to be camping and spending most of your time outside.


Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel, £1.30

What better way to clean yourself with than a portable hand sanitiser.


Rimmel Waterproof Mascara

You need to be prepared for whatever the British weather may throw at you, if it happens to rain (which is does 99% of the time), then make sure you’ve got yourself one of these.


Eyeshadow Palette

Something to complete the look with, get yourself a palette with vibrant colours to go with the glitter and eye-popping lip cream.


Written by Krishna Chauhan

Edited by Jasmin Woodward

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