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#FashionFriday – Jeans


#FashionFriday – Jeans

It’s time to put out your black skinny jeans because there are far more interesting options in the denim trouser department.

I never thought I’d see the day I’d be telling people that black skinnies are no longer the no.1 denim option, but that day is here, and I’m a little sad it has taken so long to come around.

A light wash of denim will add a touch of freshness to your outfit and a blue denim is such a simple way to ensure your look isn’t completely monochrome.

As for the silhouette, you don’t need jeans which are tight to your legs. Something a little looser is a lot more comfortable to wear and will create a more striking outline, giving a chic yet effortless edge to what you’re wearing. It’s fun to play with shapes and experiment with jeans, and now is the time do it.

Personally, I love a boyfriend fit jean, they’re casual but still interesting. I also think a kit flare is a great option if you find the boyfriend fit unflattering. If you really want to make a statement, why not go for a full blown flare? There are so many alternatives which we all seemed to forget about while black skinnies were having their moment.

Urban Outfitter £50 (Available here)

I love the BDG Axly Slim Straight Jeans from Urban Outfitter. They’re a straight leg, so if moving away from the skinny jean is new to you, this shape makes the perfect stepping stone, and shouldn’t feel too far outside of your comfort zone. Urban Outfitters do half sizes making it easier to get the perfect fit, and they come in a wide selection of different washes so you can choose what shade will work for your style.

Levi £85 (Available here)

If you’re already a lover of all jeans, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Levi’s. I have been lusting after their 501 CT Boyfriend Jeans for a while now. The pair with Abrasions have a few rips, enough to give them that distressed feel we all look for in our casual denim, but not so much they’re actually just falling apart, and the laid back style of the boyfriend fit ties in with this perfectly. If you’re looking for an investment pair, Levi’s are the way to go.

Time to put your skinny jeans back in the drawer and add a pop of colour, and a little more shape to your denim, it will do wonders for your outfit!

Words : Chloe Harriet

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