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Fashion Friday: Vetements Bares All


Fashion Friday: Vetements Bares All

There is only one brand which comes to mind when testing the boundaries of fashion. Vetements. One of the reasons why we are featuring them in our first #FashionFriday.

The Parisian fashion brand with no limits and high price tags once again shocks the public with their newest garments. From bringing Juicy Couture back into our lives, to making our lighters the new and improved weekend heel. Vetements now encourages us to bare it all with their latest jean collaboration with Levi. Their denim collection features zippers in not your typical areas, including down the backs of the legs and if you are feeling really brave down the center of your bum.

Showcasing their new collaboration earlier this week on Instagram, the £1490 jeans have had many people speculating the need for the super exposed trousers. However, with over 50k likes and various celebrities flaunting the new bottomless jeans, could this be the trend of S/S17?


The purpose of these jeans? I couldn’t tell you. But, unbeknown to many they are not the first brand to offer bottomless slacks. And probably won’t be the last. Alexander McQueen debuted the trend in 1993 with one of his first collections ‘Taxi Driver’, which included the iconic ‘bumster’ trousers. Nonetheless as expected Vetements took this trend and went one step further allowing top to bottom uncovering, literally.


Just like any other daring fashion trend many have their reservations, nonetheless many also have defended the product on social media explaining how it shows expression and there should be no limits with fashion. Either way Vetements and Levis latest collaboration has allowed us to bare the bum and feel the breeze in the summer months.

Words: Trifornia Asmar

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