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Fashion Friday: Statement Shoes


Fashion Friday: Statement Shoes


Shoes can change an outfit. A statement shoe can make a plain outfit more exciting. Pop on some great footwear and the likelihood is, the rest of your outfit will look great too. It saves worrying so much about what’s on top as your feet will do the talking.

What’s the shoe trend which I’m currently obsessed with? Mules, of course.

I have found Mules to be a key piece in my Spring wardrobe as they can completely transform an outfit, and they are such an easy to wear, accessible trend.

Mules seem to be available is most stores at the moment. You can shop around to get a budget pair from a high street store if you don’t want to spend too much.

There are also so many different colours and embellishment options, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for and get a pair which suits your style or several pairs if you’re loving them as much as I am!

Statement red mules are a perfect way to make that monochrome outfit a little more eye catching, or a cream pair embroidered with flowers ensure your shoes say ‘Hello Spring/Summer, I am ready for you’.

Besides looking really cool, and bringing an outfit together, mules are convenient to wear. There is no faff putting them on, just slide that foot in.

Mules with block heels will give you a bit of height, but not enough to manifest insecurity if you’re a taller lady (although from the perspective of a shorter girl, I think being tall is great, however, I know my taller friends may disagree).

The heels still provide enough height to give the shoes a touch of elegance and get your feet off the ground, plus block heels are always comfy. Being truly awful at walking in heels, I often feel left out of shoe trends, but with this one, there is no worrying about awkwardly stumbling around, and it always nice to know it’s a lot more unlikely I’ll fall on my face.

Mules are definitely a trend worth trying out, they will complete your outfit, your feet will be comfortable and look amazing. How could you say no to that?! Let us know if you’ll be trying to trend this summer on Twitter @amormagazineUK

Words: Chloe Harriet

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