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Fashion Friday: Pink blush


Fashion Friday: Pink blush

Something I keep seeing popping up in the outfits of those passing me on the street, as I scroll down my Instagram feed, in magazines, and pretty much anywhere you can think of, is the colour pink. The world seems to be a little rose tinted recently. Pink is definitely on the palette for our Spring/Summer wardrobes, and I could not be happier about it. 

Pink seems to have made a massive comeback, and this time it’s left the Legally Blonde, Paris Hilton vibes far behind it. The blush shade is making a much more sophisticated name for itself. 

let’s #ootd like it’s 2007

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Yes, it does add a feminine twist to an outfit, but there are none of those sickly girly girl connotations which we are all so pleased to say goodbye to. Pink is no longer just for the girliest of girls, or even for girls at all. Men have been rocking pink too, and look pretty damn great in it. 

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This colour does not put you into a box anymore. You can look sweet wearing it, yes. Or you can look badass in pink too. It is all down to how you decide to wear it. Experiment with styling your pink garments, you’ll be surprised how many looks you can achieve. Styled well, your pink pieces will do all the talking, and they’ll say whatever you want them to.

It’s the perfect colour, whether it’s a dusty shade which can bring a touch of neutral to an outfit, or florescent fuchsia which will add a bit of rosy sunshine to your look. Pink can’t go wrong.

Whether head to toe or just one touch. I’ve spotted the pink trend everywhere, and I appreciate it. There’s a freshness in the colour pink, and it’s reinvented itself just in time for Spring and Summer.

However you decide to wear it, I’m sure you’ll be rocking that millennial blush!

Words: Chloe Harriet

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