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Fashion Friday: Florals for Spring


Fashion Friday: Florals for Spring

“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking”. I know, we’ve all seen The Devil Wears Prada, and although I once would have nodded along to the sarcasm in that comment – I am now all for Floral’s this Spring
Embroidered flowers are all over the place at the moment – and the stitching of the flowers seems to make all the difference. It adds detail and textures making the garments far more alluring than the standard daisy print we’re all so used to seeing.
Embroidery adds a fresh, subtle twist to the florals. they add a chic boohoo vibe to an outfit and work on almost any garment. I’ve noticed embroidered flowers on pretty much all pieces, from summer dresses to leather jackets. They add that all-important pop of colour to your clothes and make your plain garments just a little more impressive.
Florals are a lot more bold, a lot more interesting, and to be honest, a whole lot cooler. These flowers sometimes accompany imagery within the embroidery, anything varying from birds to a few snappy words. There may be extra in the pictures of the embroidery, thrown in to add a little interest, but the flowers seem to be on all garments, as a focus point.
If you are a high street shopper, I’ve noticed Zara have gone all out with this trend and there are so many pieces sprinkled with flowers in store. However, if you wanted to splash out a little on something for an event, Alice and Olivia have a stunning selection of pieces embroidered with flowers.
I am head over heels in love with the Ariel dress from Alice and Olivia – and it’s a great way to embrace the trend in full. If you just want to subtle nod towards the style and you’re a bit more of a casual girl, basic tee’s with flower detail are easy enough to get a hold of.
Spring florals have upped their game and now will work whatever your style is.
Trust me, next time you go shopping pick up a new garment covered in intricate blooms, and show the world there’s definitely room for Florals this Spring.

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