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Fashion Friday: enhancing your jeans


Fashion Friday: enhancing your jeans


There was a time when we would only wear denim in the form of black skinny jeans, probably the Topshop Jamie jeans if we’re talking specifics. However, at the moment there are so many statement pieces in the fabric, from oversized pastel jackets to ripped boyfriend fit jeans hemmed with pom poms.

On the surface “I’m going to wear jeans” can sound a tad boring, however, it is becoming a perfect fail safe way to spice up your outfit. There are plenty of options when out shopping for denim. Just browsing the shops, you’d be surprised how many wacky and wonderful denim pieces they have to offer.

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If you’re on more of a budget, you can upcycle the denim at the back of your wardrobe. Upcycling isn’t actually as dull as it sounds. It gives you the option to customise and get creative. Plus it’s good for the environment and your purse strings.

Whether you’re off to hit the shops or going to do a little DIY on your old garments, here are some ways you can make that standard denim look a little more interesting:


Denim is definitely no longer strictly black and blue these days. You can use it to add a splash of colour to your look. Choose a pastel shade to add some softness to your outfit. Or with a bright shade, you can turn heads.

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Patches and pins:

Patches and pins are such an easy way to show off your own style. It makes your old denim jacket completely customised and allows your personality to shine through. Of course, you can also get hold of denim pieces already patched up to add the fun but save you the work.

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Suddenly I’m seeing jeans, skirts and dungarees with detail on the ankles, whether they’re frayed, tasselled, flared, or embroidered, there are plenty of ways to add that all important touch of detail to the hem of your garment, it makes all the difference.

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Take advantage of this denim trend – it’s the perfect way to have a little fun with some of your classic pieces!

Words: Chloe Harriet

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