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Facebook hits back against revenge porn


Facebook hits back against revenge porn


Facebook have announced they’re introducing new plans to tackle issues of revenge porn on the social media platform.

Revenge porn is the distribution of intimate photographs of an individual without their consent, often these are obtained via blackmail or from a past intimate relationship.

The news follows months after a 14-year-old girl filled a lawsuit against the social media site, after a nude photograph of her was put on the site. She is also suing the man who uploaded the photograph.

Facebook plan on using new photo-matching technology to attempt to fix issues of reported images being reposted, these images will be taken down as quickly as they’re shared. As for the person who originally posted the image, they’ll have their account blocked with the chance of an appeal.

Facebook founder, Mark Zukerberg, has said that posting revenge porn on the site is wrong and hurtful. He hopes using the new technology will help prevent these types of images from being shared.

The new technology will seek out any reproductions of the original post and delete them, as well as sending a warning message to the user sharing the image.

Users will continue to report images which they feel are inappropriate, these will be checked by ‘specially trained representatives’ to see if they count as violating community standards.

Facebook are working with Cyber Civil Rights Initiative to develop this approach.

Whilst Facebook have had their ups and downs, they seem to be on the road to redemption with their latest initiative.

Words: @AmyJoTaylor

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