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Whilst new beauty trends have been a tad crazy recently with ‘Using my boyfriends balls as a beauty blender’ becoming a reoccurring YouTube trend (not joking…), this next one is something quite different.
Nail artist Nic Casati, who works at Deadly Beauty and Nails Studio in Melbourne, has been using bugs in her nail designs. Casati has become known to include dead critters in her nail art – ranging from lady birds, spiders and butterflies. The inspiration behind her obscure idea came from Mexico, where she saw women use “real life scorpions”.

Customers are required to bring in dead critters which are then sanitised by the nail artist. The bug is placed on a thin layer of acrylic and covered by a thicker layer, which stops the decomposing process from occurring.
In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Nic Casati says she finds “beauty in death” and has “always been fascinated with taxidermy”. Initially, it appears as though this nail art garnered backlash from social media due to ethical reasons however Ms Casati has posted on social media that no creatures are killed for the purpose of nail art.

With a large portfolio of work, this nail artist doesn’t just use bugs in her work but other slightly obscure objects too. Marijuana, fidget spinners and sprinkles have all been used and can be seen on the salon’s instagram (@deadlynails).
Even after it was announced that her work is completely ethical, many have still found it slightly disturbing to have a once-alive critter attached to their nails. Perhaps a trend that isn’t going to pick up much traction.

Written by Sophie Louise

Edited by Jasmin Woodward

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