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Christmas Jumpers Keep Coming!


Christmas Jumpers Keep Coming!

Christmas Jumpers Keep Coming!

Patterned Jumpers

Who can believe that Christmas jumpers only started to become popular back in the 1980s? That’s right, these festive fashion favourites originally made their name over 30 years ago, with celebrities that now only our grandparents would know. Since then, the Christmas knits have moved a long way from the likes of Top of the Pops, if you even remember that show, and are a winter high street staple. Research provided by Voucherbox suggests that British people spent over £260 million on the garments last year. They have definitely regained their popularity status after the disastrous Christmas jumper images at Bridget Jones’ turkey curry buffets from over a decade ago! Why is it actually worth it though to splash the Christmas cash on these quirky seasonal clothes?

It’s Christmas!

Magic Christmas time

Is the fact that it is Christmas simply a reason for Christmas jumpers? We seem to go all out with other festive decorations, such as trees, lights and maybe the odd big wheel. Surely it is perfectly acceptable to have some festive clothes as well – when else do we get the chance? People would probably disapprove if we wore crazy jumpers to show off our birthdays! Plus, just picture how fantastic the annual family photo would look round the table. How fun would it be to have everyone posed with their food and crackers, matching the smile of the snowmen adorned on their chests? You want Christmas to produce some lovely memories that you can cherish forever, even if it is everyone looking a bit silly!

Party Season

There was a time when the dress code for Christmas parties was sparkly dresses and black tie. Oh no, Christmas jumper parties are frequent occurrences, so people often part with their cash to become part of the action. Nowadays, you can still look fancy and glamorous in your Christmas jumper, without looking like you have just received one of the famously bad Weasley knitted jumper. Designer jumpers are easy to find and celebrities also love the style.  Alternatively, go wintery, rather than Christmassy. Winter jumpers, maybe with just a few snowflakes displayed on the front, are accepted as a fashionable item to wear throughout the colder seasons. You do not necessarily need a 3D reindeer sticking out of your stomach to get into the Christmas jumper spirit!


Charity Queen

We can sometimes get wrapped up (no pun intended) in all the festivities Christmas has to offer, that we can forget that there are those less fortunate who do not even get a chance to enjoy a Christmas meal. There is now National Christmas Jumper Day set up by the charity Save the Children, which encourages everyone to don their knits to a good deed. After all, Christmas is a time for coming together, and this does not have to mean just your close family and friends.
Having a Christmas jumper day will also help liven up the workplace. It can be quite depressing for those who are stuck in the office until Christmas Eve, desperately wanting to be at home with the rest of the family. Bring a big smile to your colleagues’ faces by coming in covered in Christmassy fashion goodness! After all, Christmas is meant to be a happy time!

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