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Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

Photo Credit: Primark


Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas


If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful costume to wear this Halloween, look no further! Get your spook on with a limited budget.

Wilko Face Tattoos

Trusty Wilko once again coming through to save every student out there and more. I myself opted for the Wilko Halloween outfit this year and it did not disappoint. If you are on a budget but like to look like you’ve gone all out, Wilko’s face paint and temporary tattoo sets are the ideal choice. There are a wide range of choices from sugar skulls, a Cheshire cat and even one of those zip face wounds you see on Instagram but never thought you could do yourself. The sets just cost a £3.00 but it definitely doesn’t look that way, it saves you having to think of ideas and follow YouTube videos as the temporary tattoos are press on! 


Although this may sound a little too low budget, Poundland do actually offer some decent Halloween outfits and decorations. A full devil set with horns, tail and eye mask, selection of face paints and other masks, all for a pound! Sure, the sets couldn’t pass as movie props standard, but for a night out where you are likely to lose them anyway, it’s perfect. 

Primark Disney Outfits

If you are looking for something a bit pricier and not just face paint, Primark have recently caused a social media stir by releasing adult Disney characters costumes, mainly Princesses of course! The downside to this is that not all Primark stores are selling them so it’s a bit of a luck situation depending where you live, but the outfits are so cute and definitely worth the £15 price tag!


If you are happy to wear second hand, EBay is the place to get high quality costumes at lower prices. Many people are selling costumes on the site that will have only have been worn once or a few times, (there’s only so many times someone can wear a Wonder Woman costume after all), meaning they are pretty new and a lot cheaper! Full Halloween outfits can cost anything from £20 to well over £100 new, and for how much they are worn it isn’t worth it. So get searching on EBay and see what you can find!

Charity Shops

I know some people are sceptical about charity shops, but there is no denying it is a cheap and good place to create an outfit from. Buy some old clothes can be ripped, covered in blood and create your own outfit! Around this time of year a lot of people actually take old Halloween outfits into charity shops, so you might even be lucky enough to find one of them! Halloween can be messy, using some old clothes you don’t mind about getting ruined is not a bad shout when you’re going out clubbing! Don’t knock is before you try it!

What are you planning to wear for Halloween?

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Words by: Jodie Andrews



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