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Book Fairies go Worldwide


Book Fairies go Worldwide

From the woman who helped create Books on the Underground  in 2012, Cordelia Oxley has taken book fairies worldwide. This month she launched The Book Fairies a campaign encouraging others to share there favourite books with others.

The Book Fairies have 40 fairies working their way around 25 different countries to connect people through the printed word. Many have taken to Twitter to share there books as well as their support for the campaign.

Actress Emma Watson has shown her support for the campaign, after supporting Books on the Underground she’s turned her attention to help hide 1,000 books for the international project.

Some books featured include works by feminists Caitlyn Moran and Maya Angelou, both of which were hand out as part of International Women’s Day. The books also include a sweet handwritten note from Emma. The books are then left in another public place for others to enjoy.

This is just one of the many efforts Emma Watson has made to inspire and campaign for women’s rights. Bringing women together and sharing each-others joy through books. In a generation were reading is rare and precious, it’s definitely the right approach!

Anyone can become a book fairy! Leave old, unwanted books for others to enjoy can be as simple as a spring clean. As long as you order some stickers to place on your books, and your good to go! There’s no restrictions at all.

The experience has grabbed so much attention, reaching countries as far as New Zealand, Mexico, India and California, expanding the reading culture of the world.

The aim of the Book Fairies is to create a world of book lovers, and we couldn’t agree more. Are you going to look at getting involved? Or maybe you’ve found a book on the underground? Let us know over on Twitter @amormagazineUK

Words: Emily Ralston

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