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Beers and Buns Review

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Beers and Buns Review

Beer and Buns
Address ‘Upstairs @ K10’ 3 Appold Street, EC2A 2AF
Tw: Beer_And_Buns

Cuisine: Japanese Izakaya


We can’t help but love a ‘Hirata’ bun and with a range of fillings to try, we just wanted them all. So all of them is exactly what we had.

My dining partner and I tried their  signature bun – Chicken Karaage wih Japanese Yuzu Koshu slaw, Chashu Pork Belly with braised red cabbage and mustard mayo, Ebi Katsu with baby gem lettuce and spicy mayo, Aubergine Katsu with coriander salsa and miso sauce and their latest edition – Bulgogi Beef with Spicy Korean Kimchi.

Alongside this we had their Triple fried jumbo chicken wings coated in three different marinades – Tebasake Soy Garlic, Sweet and Spicy and Korean Hot. 

K10_16-6-15 (54)

On the side, we gobbled up their Sweet Potato Fries with Spicy Mayo, Salt and Pepper Chilli Squid and Kimchi. 

Now I’m never going to turn down some kimchi, so if it’s on the menu, guess what…it’s going to get ordered! Their kimchi was delish, with the right amount of spiciness and not too salty.  The salt and pepper squid were a little too dry for my liking and probably could’ve used some dip to accompany it.
Make sure you try their sweet potato fries. They were cooked just right with the spicy mayo adding that extra bit of flavour.

My favourite buns were the aubergine and pork belly. I enjoyed the rich texture of the aubergine mixed together with the salsa and miso sauce once you got passed the katsu layer. The pork belly bun was also satisfying with the red cabbage offering a sweet taste to the succulent pork belly.


If you’re not a big beer drinker, then their large selection of Japanese draft beer is set to change your mind.  I tried their Coedo ‘Shiro’ beer, which had a subtle banana taste to it. 

 A little drinking ritual they do at B&B is “sake bombs”. We didn’t necessarily perform this ritual, but we did have a shot of their Grapefruit infused Soju Bombs. 

The drinking continued with a couple Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris to really get the evening going.


Beer, Buns and…Rock and Roll describes B&B, with a bustling crowd and dark and moody decor.

Growing up I would watch Takeshi’s Castle, so to find they had a projector screen playing Takeshi’s Castle was brilliant.

We enjoyed B&B’s authentic food and drinks in all of it’s maddening glory. It definitely a place to let loose and blow some steam off. If you’re looking for after work drinks, then B&B is a good bet, with close connections to Liverpool Street station.

Atmosphere ★★★ Food/Drinks ★★★½

Words: Toni Amporful, Health & Fitness Editor @F00diesCornerUK

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