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London’s Top Alternative Workout Ideas for Autumn


London’s Top Alternative Workout Ideas for Autumn


Are you looking for a new and exciting fitness workout this Autumn? London is increasingly supplying fitness lovers with incredible alternative workouts which break away from traditional gym routines.

From learning hula hooping, to fitness sessions which involve electrical muscle stimulation, there is a wide range of classes to explore.

Inspired by Berkeley Group’s recent post on unusual workouts in London, we have selected the most challenging and fun workouts to enjoy in the city.


Barrecore was first launched in London in 2011 and now boasts eight different studios across London. Barrecore combines Pilates, core conditioning, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and intense stretching. You can choose from group sessions or private one-on-one sessions to really achieve your fitness goals through sculpting, strengthening and toning your body.

Rumble at 1Rebel

Based at two locations within the heart of London, 1Rebel has a nightclub feel with a modern, underground deco that provides different ways to keep your fitness up and on track. Rumble is one of 1Rebel’s sessions that involves 45 minutes of high intensity, challenging workouts combined with all the techniques involved in boxing.

Castle Climbing

If you’re really looking for a unique way to keep fit then The Castle Climbing Centre will not let you down. Located in Stoke Newington, a short walk from Manor House tube station, you can scale climbing walls within a mid-19th century castle or take part in bouldering inside or outside the castle – suitable for all ages and abilities.

Midnight Runners

Midnight Runners are one of the largest urban running groups in Europe. They take advantage of London’s many pathways and pavements at night, running 10k and sometimes even 50k routes to get out of the gym environment and keep fit. Midnight Runners run sessions throughout the week and events that allow you to stay in shape and socialise all in one go!

Airborne Fitness

Airborne Fitness has jumped onto the fitness scene in London, positioning itself as a fitness class with a twist – hosted at London’s first ever trampoline park! Their classes try to test your cardio-vascular endurance by focusing on strength and tension, dynamic movements on and off the trampolines and learning trampolining skills of course!

Circus Arts

Within Hoxton, East London, there is a secret circus school held in an old power station that welcomes non-students. The National Centre for Circus Arts hosts three main fitness classes, including – Conditioning for Circus, Handstand Conditioning and Circus Flexibility. All of these classes claim to help you improve your flexibility, strength and fitness, whilst you get the opportunity to channel your inner circus performer.


If you are looking to enjoy the slopes all year round then why not plan a visit to London’s largest indoor ski centre at Chel-Ski. You can burn around 400 calories within an hour’s session and the workout is designed for all levels of ability, located just off King’s Road. Chel-Ski has recently introduced a brand-new fitness class called Fit-Ski, the class involves skiing on the slopes and performing intense exercises designed to build strength. The class is great for learning key snow sports skills as well as off the slope exercises such as; squats, lunges and resistance training.


E-Pulsive’s Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training is perfect for clients who have a very busy lifestyle and struggle to find time for the gym. The company claim that a 20-minute session with E-Pulsive is equivalent to a 90-minute-high-intensity workout, burning around 500 calories within a one-on-one or group session. The workout helps with reducing body fat, strengthening muscles and decreasing back and joint pain, with only two to three 20-minute sessions needed a week. E-Pulsive are located in South Kensington and also offer to run sessions in client’s homes or offices.


If you want a fun-packed fitness class where you can tone and strengthen your bum, legs, arms and abs whilst dancing to uplifting music, then check out one of HulaFit’s classes across London. HulaFit focuses on coordination, strength and burning those pesky calories, by incorporating weight training, cardio and even boxing. The popular class has also been featured on Dragons Den!


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