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A girl in Europe; it’s Christmas Time


A girl in Europe; it’s Christmas Time


Christmas is my favourite time of year, ever since I was young my mother has always put the tree up and declared it’s Christmas on December 1st. So, when it hit December in Belgium I was instantly in the festive mood.
Whilst Brugues is known for having a beautiful Christmas markets, Antwerp surpassed my expectations by providing its residents with a large market showcasing a variety of foods and shops.
Antwerp was not the first market I visited in Belgium, a trip to Brussels for a study morning – not something I would advise doing with a hangover – ended with a walk around Brussels Christmas markets.
It wasn’t incredibly big but it was beautiful, with faux snow on the cabin roofs you felt festive (even if it wasn’t very cold). There was more evidence of Christmas in this city but due to time restraints, mostly me not wanting to walk very far, meant it wasn’t fully explored.

Even though Brussels may not have been fully explored I was certain the same wouldn’t happen with Antwerp. As mentioned before, the good thing about this city is that everything is so close together, so walking to the Christmas market is simple.
Mulled wine and Baileys hot chocolate kicked off my Christmas celebrations, and overlooking the Disney-esque castle I couldn’t help but feel as if I was in a movie. With children running around laughing and store holder giving out free meat and cheese samples; I couldn’t stop smiling.

Christmas is definitely somewhere Antwerp is well equipped for, coming back to London for the New Year Celebrations is going to be a slight culture change. However, Instagram photos do make me excited to visit Oxford Street.

Words : Amy Taylor

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