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5 ways to switch up your gym do


5 ways to switch up your gym do


Going to the gym can be a real drag and we don’t often make an effort with our appearance because of it, but it doesn’t have to be…
We’ve put together a list of 5 creative ways to spruce up your gym do to inspire a better workout.

  1. Triple Waterfall French Plait

    HOW TO:
    – Part the hair into three sections
    – Divide middle section into three strands
    – Start by doing a regular braid
    – Drop a strand to the left side and continue to braid
    – When you get to the right side, drop a strand again
    – Continue braiding and dropping a strand to the left and right side as you go along
    – When you get to the end, finish off with a simple braid
    – On the right side, start by doing a regular french braid, but adding a loose strand from the middle plait to the top
    – Continue the french braid, adding the loose strand from the middle until there is no more hair left to take from the bottom
    – Plait into a simple braid again
    – Repeat same process on the left side
    – Finish by bringing together each plait and making a combined plait at the bottom.

2. Top knot

– Gather hair into a high ponytail but don’t pull all the way through so you create a loop type bun
– With the remaining hair, twist around the bun
– Secure with bobby pins

3. Space buns

–  Part hair right through the middle
– Secure one section so it’s out of the way
– Gather the loose hair and start twisting from top to bottom
– Then start twisting round into a high bun and secure with hairband
– Repeat process on other side

4. Ponytail with headband

– Gather hair into a ponytail
– Place headband over hair

5. Braided ponytail

– Start by securing hair into a ponytail
– Divide hair into three sections and start crossing the left strand over middle and then right strand over middle
– Repeat until there’s no more hair left to plait and then secure with a hairband

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