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5 Reasons why your friends may disapprove of your boyfriend


5 Reasons why your friends may disapprove of your boyfriend


You tell your close friends pretty much everything, so it’s understandable that you want to introduce this guy you’ve fallen madly in love with to them. You’ve gushed about how amazing and sweet your boyfriend is to your friends, so the last thing on your mind will be whether your friends will like him or not. Have you ever found yourself wondering why your close friends dislike the guy that you have fallen head over heels in love with? You can’t always expect all your friends to like your beau and here are some reasons why.

  1. He’s not good enough:

Your friends probably believe that you can find someone better, as they might think that he’s not attractive enough for you or is not up to your standard. They might not even like his friends or the clothes he wears. However, it can also be the case that your friends think he is a great guy and on your level, but is not compatible for you.

2. They don’t get along:

Your friends might not get along with him because their personalities clash or they don’t have anything in common. They might also have different interests and disagree on a lot of things.

3. He’s a jerk:

Sometimes when we’re infatuated with someone we fail to notice his bad habits or flaws, as love can be blind. It might be the case that your friends believe that he mistreats you and they only want the best for you.

4. Heard bad rumours about him:

They assume that he’s a bad person, as they have heard bad rumours about him from other people who they trust.

5. He’s getting in the way of your friendship:

When you go out with your friends and you often take your boyfriend with you to see them, your friends might start to resent him, as they might not like the fact that he is cutting into your time with them. Your friends want to spend time with you and might find it uncomfortable to discuss their personal issues in front of your boyfriend. If you’re someone that cancels plans with your friends to spend more time with your boyfriend then you’re friends might feel that you’ve neglected them and will blame your him.

Words : Thuvika Ganesh

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